Upcoming Workshop In London, UK: Teaching and Learning

London Workshop: Teaching and Learning: Metaphysical, Epistemic and Ethical Issues.

Date: Friday 5 May – Saturday 6 May, 2017.
Organizers: David Bakhurst (Queen’s University at Kingston, UCL Institute of Education) and Jan Derry (UCL Institute of Education)
Venue: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London, UK, Room 802

Speakers: Adam Carter (Edinburgh), Katherine Hawley (St. Andrew’s), Giuseppina Doro (Keele), Ben Kotzee (Birmingham), David Bakhurst (Queen’s, Canada/UCL Institute of Education), Duncan Pritchard (Edinburgh), Jan Derry (UCL Institute of Education) and Paul Standish (UCL Institute of Education).

This workshop will examine new developments in the epistemology of teaching and learning, inspired by advances in social epistemology, and explore their metaphysical and ethical consequences. Issues will include: teaching and testimony; the cultivation of know-how and practical knowledge; learners as cyborgs; epistemic dependence and intellectual autonomy.

For more information about the workshop or to register, please visit here.