Other Publications

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Review Articles, Critical Notices, Extended Reviews  

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Other Writings

  • (with Jonathan Dancy) “The Cartesian Straightjacket”.  Times Higher Education Supplement, April 22, 1988.
    • Reprinted as “The Cartesian Straightjacket”.  Reflections on Higher Education, 1 (1), 1988.
  • “Felix Mikhailov (1930-2006): A Personal Reminiscence”, ISCAR Newsletter, 4 (1), 2006: 6-7.
    • Translated, revised, as “Predislove k tret’emu izdaniiu k knige «Zagadka chelovecheskogo ya»” (Preface to the Third Edition of The Riddle of the Self) (in Russian), in F.T. Mikhailov, Zagadka chelovecheskogo ya (The Riddle of the Self). Moscow: Ritm, 2010, 3-7.  

Published Translations

  • Yelena Bonner, “The New Europe: From Totalitarianism to Democracy” (from Russian). Queen’s Quarterly, 99 (1), 1992, 84-90. 
  • Felix Mikhailov, “The Soviet Self: A Personal Reminiscence” (from Russian).  David Bakhurst and Christine Sypnowich (eds), The Social Self, 67-84.